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The decision to make an initial counseling appointment ​for you or your child is often a difficult one and picking up the phone to schedule the first appointment can be anxiety producing. Take time to consider the credentials and level of experience of the professional you are looking for in working with you and your family. It is also important that you feel comfortable with the psychologist, since your treatment will involve working together as a team. A good rapport with your psychologist is essential. Talking with a few professionals on the phone prior to ​making an initial appointment may also be helpful to you in finding a good match for your situation.
Initial appointments may be made via phone or e-mail.
Information to consider before making the first appointment:
  • Contact your insurance health plan representative to find out exactly what is covered - outpatient therapy, inpatienttreatment, etc.- and what level of coverage you have.
  • Ask if the full cost of treatment is covered, or only a part. Inquire if there are limits - co-payments, limit on the number of visits, annual or lifetime maximums.​
  • Find out if there is a group of providers, or "network," that you must choose from or if you can choose any qualified provider. If your plan does not have a prescribed network of providers, find out what licenses and degrees he or she must have before reimbursement is authorized.
Day and evening appointments available.

For general scheduling/information questions

 call 330-923-9344 or email us

To schedule with a specific CFPA staff member you may call or email:

Dr. Tracie Baker-email
Dr. Robert Brewster- email
Dr. David Coleman- email
Dr. Geoffrey Putt- email
Dr. Erin Rafter- email
 Dr. Sarah Tirpak, MA- email
Ellen Homlong, LPCC- email​